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New Year Greetings from Chairperson Zhang Haidi

Source: CDPF Updated: 2016-03-04
Dear friends,
When spring comes with soft winds, Spring Festival with its fireworks is close at hand. At this moment, I sincerely wish every disabled brother and sister, and their families, Happy New Year. I wish all of you a happy and beautiful life in the brand new year.

For the people working for the disabled persons’ affairs, and the friends who care and support their development, I offer my new-year blessings to you!

In the past year, we have made significant achievements in disabled persons’ affairs. The Party Central Committee and the State Council have shown great concern. The State Council has decided to establish a living allowance system for poverty-stricken disabled persons and a nursing subsidy system for people with severe disabilities, to further improve their living conditions.

The Ministry of Education and the China Disabled Persons’ Federation have implemented a series of measures affecting the college entrance examination for the disabled. For the first time, candidates with disabilities may use braille and big character test paper for the examination. This move enables more than 8,000 students with disabilities to go to university, with their college dreams coming true.
Special seats have been set aside for disabled persons in the trains; and the civil authorities have permitted guide dogs to be brought into public places.

I’m so happy and moved to see that society as a whole is now showing more concern towards disabled persons and more awareness of the necessity for barrier-free environments; hundreds of thousands of volunteers were so warmhearted to have helped.

At the joyous festival, I am more and more concerned about the poverty-stricken disabled persons. I deeply know that they wish to recover, go to school, and get a job earlier. Their desires and dreams are the goals of our hard work.

Each person working for disabled persons’ affairs must wholeheartedly offer service to the people, help them get out of trouble, and live happy lives.

We are faced with much heavier tasks in 2016. Under the overall arrangement of the country in the comprehensive construction of a fairly well-off society, we appeal for the creation of a better barrier-free environment for disabled people to let more of them integrate into society and share the beautiful life.

Dear brothers and sisters, there will definitely be an end to the hardships of life. The sunshine will go to every person. We believe that the year of 2016 will be hopeful.
Let me grasp your hands, and wish everyone a happy new year and every family happiness.
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