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What are the rights of the disabled persons?

Source: Updated: 2017-02-24
A disabled person refers to a person who suffers from the loss or abnormity of a certain organ or function, psychologically, physiologically or in human structure, and has lost all or in part the ability to normally carry out certain activities.

The State shall ensure the disabled persons' equal right to education.

The government, society and schools shall help the disabled children and teenagers finish the compulsory education. 

The State shall ensure disabled persons' right to work. 

The governments and community shall establish welfare units mainly employing the disabled persons.

A State organ, social group, enterprise, public institution or private non-enterprise entity shall arrange employment of the disabled persons in a prescribed proportion.

If the prescribed proportion is not reached, it shall perform the obligation to ensure the employment of the disabled persons under the relevant provisions of the state.

The State shall ensure that disabled persons enjoy an equal right to participate in the cultural life. 

The government and society shall take measures to publicize and report information about the work and life of the disabled persons.

To organize and support the compilation and publication of disabled readers, set up reading rooms of Braille readers and talking books for visually impaired persons in a public library.

To launch television programs in sign language and special radio programs for disabled persons, and promote the adding of captions or narrations to television columns and film and television works.

The State shall ensure that the disabled persons enjoy all social security rights. 

Disabled persons and their employers shall participate in the social insurance under the relevant provisions of the State. 

Disabled persons shall be encouraged and helped to participate in the social insurance

Social insurance subsidies shall be granted to disabled persons living with real hardships. 

The State and society shall take measures to create a barrier-free environment for disabled persons' equal participation in the social life. To lay priority to the renovation of public service facilities closely relating to the daily work and life of disabled persons.

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