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中国教育现代化2035 (zhōngguó jiàoyù xiàndàihuà 2035):China's Education Modernization 2035

Source: China Daily Updated: 2019-02-25

中国教育现代化2035 (zhōngguó jiàoyù xiàndàihuà 2035)

The Communist Party of China Central Committee and the State Council recently issued a blueprint for the country's education development in the coming decade.

China's Education Modernization 2035 plan sets the direction for the development of the education sector so that its overall capacity and international influence are strengthened.

It sets the objectives of establishing a modern education system of lifelong learning, with universal quality preschooling education, balanced compulsory education, as well as enhanced vocational education and more competitive higher education. Education for those with disabilities should also be improved, so that the education system better serves the whole society.

On that basis, the education sector will further improve for 15 years, with the aim of realizing its overall modernization by 2035, so as to make China a power in terms of human resources and talents, which will in turn provide a solid foundation for realizing the country's goal of being a fully developed nation by 2049.


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