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脱贫攻坚战三年行动计划(tuōpín gōngjiānzhàn sānnián xíngdòng jìhuà): Three-year action plan for poverty alleviation

Source: Updated: 2018-08-22

Agro-machinery donated to Bayuan town, Lantian county, Xi'an by ITL Park. [Photo/]

The recently released three-year action plan for poverty alleviation sets out a timetable and road map for this work, as outlined in a news conference given by the State Council Information Office on Monday.

To achieve the goal of poverty alleviation by 2020, in the next three years China has to ensure that about 30 million rural poverty-stricken people are lifted out of poverty. This is a difficult task since it requires reducing poverty by more than 10 million people a year, and those still living in poverty are mostly the disabled, left-alone elderly, long-term sick people or other disadvantaged groups.

The plan focuses on targeted poverty alleviation measures for each village, each family and each individual in stubbornly poverty-stricken areas. And it advances 10 targeted poverty alleviation measures to improve the living conditions in deeply impoverished areas.

From 2018 to 2020, the central government finance will contribute an additional 214 billion yuan ($31.13 billion) to support the poverty alleviation work.

In addition, a guidance also points out that the existing poverty alleviation standard should be strictly implemented, and improving the quality of poverty alleviation work should be given top priority to prevent people from slipping back into poverty in the future.

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