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'Disabilities should not hinder one from pursuing a literature dream'

Source: Updated: 2022-09-07
A group of the book Collection of writers with disabilities 2021, put in the form of a heart. [Photo provided to China Daily]

What can a person with disabilities do?

A total of 35 people with disabilities answered this question with a book. Composed of works from the 35 people, ranging from poem, proses, fiction to non-fiction stories, the book Collection of writers with disabilities 2021 was published in October 2021.

On Tuesday, at Shanyuan Bookstore in Beijing, the launching ceremony of a new session of a writer's training course was held, plus a promotion of the already published book.

Among the writers, Lin Xiaoyun, a female writer from Wenzhou city, East China's Zhejiang province, left a special impression with her other book Qigandi, literally meaning "at the bottom of the banner". Based on a true story, the book is composed of proses discussing her family's old house, trying to catch her every detail of an old house with a whole century's history.

"Many writers with disabilities tend to write their own sufferings in the book, which makes them especially attractive," said Wang Peng, an executive from Master Hsing Yun Cultural and Educational Foundation (MHYCEF), who specializes in promoting cultural exchanges. He added, "Lin's book has one more dimension than that, as her words are rather warm. In her book I can read her love and gratitude to her family and her hometown. It is that love that inspires and moves us."

"Everything in nature has appeared like a painting penned by the writers," Yang Xiaozhou, a renowned writer, said at the ceremony, "The works are rather natural and fluent and reading them makes me feel the cultural traditional of the writers and their hometowns."

"Of all the China Writers' Association members, 71 have disabilities," said Guo Liqun, China Disabled Persons' Federation Publicity Department, "Four more have been enrolled into the programme. Disabilities should not hinder one from pursuing a literature dream."

"We are in a good era in which the literature of people with disabilities is flourishing with enormous opportunities," CDPF's publicity department head, wrote in its preface to the collection of the works, "We hope the book can inspire society's enthusiasm in the professions of people with disabilities, and help people work together so that everybody can pursue their own colorful dreams."

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