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CDPF chairwoman attends Rehabilitation and Assistive Technology Device Exhibition

Source: Updated: 2019-07-09

Zhang Haidi, chairwoman of the China Disabled Persons' Federation (CDPF) and president of Rehabilitation International (RI), attended the Rehabilitation International Asia and Pacific Regional Conference - Rehabilitation and Assistive Technology Device Exhibition, and visited a 24-hour care institution of the Fuhong Society of Macao for people with mental disabilities, on June 26.

Rehabilitation and Assistive Technology Device Exhibition is held on June 26. [photo/]

Zhang visited a booth for visual and moving aids, and displays of 3D printing technology and assistive devices for people with disabilities. She asked in detail about the cost and price of assistive devices, as well as the subsidy system for poor people with disabilities.

Zhang said that assistive devices exhibitors in every country should jointly strengthen research development, make breakthroughs in core technology, and produce assistive devices that people with disabilities need and can afford.

Zhang also visited a booth for people with autism and mental retardation, listened to their creative inspiration and encouraged them to explore their infinite potential to enrich their lives.

During Zhang’s visit in Macao, she researched the 24-hour care institution of the Fuhong Society of Macao for people with mental disabilities. She learned about the professional background and service duration of the workers and talked to people with mental retardation about their training.

Zhang encouraged the patients in the rehabilitation training room to be confident and take physical training under the guidance of rehabilitation professionals.

Zhang also learned about the patient's night care situation. Good social care services should are the greatest need for the people with cerebral palsy and mental retardation and their relatives, Zhang said, adding that the care service could liberate the family labor force so as to enhance the family happiness level.

Zhang Haidi meets with the staff from the Fuhong Society of Macao. [photo/]

Zhang Haidi encourages patients in the rehabilitation training room in the Fuhong Society of Macao. [photo/]

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