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Fujian issues measures to support employment of disabled

Source: Updated: 2019-05-14

The Fujian government recently released 22 measures to support physically handicapped people in the province to start businesses or seek employment with more flexiblity.

The disadvantaged group will enjoy a slew of preferential policies including tax cuts and financial rewards and subsidies.

They'll be provided with the convenience of preferential treatment when registering businesses, specialized farmer cooperatives and other economic entities and social organizations.

No less than 10 percent of public service facilities built by governments such as market stalls, lottery stations and newsstands are to be reserved for the disabled, according to the newly released document.

Meanwhile, self-employed college graduates with disabilities will be entitled to tax cuts of up to 14,400 yuan ($2,149.2) per year within three years.

Small and micro companies established by the disabled will be levied at lower tax rates.

On the condition that a company's annual income is less than 1 million yuan, only 25 percent of the amount will be taxed at the rate of 20 percent. For those with annual income ranging from 1 million yuan to 3 million yuan, 50 percent of their income will be taxable at that same rate.

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